The 2N2222A transistor is a common NPN BJT & it is mainly used in the applications of switching & amplifying with less power. This transistor is mainly designed for low power, low to medium current, medium voltage & works at fairly high speeds. In the 2N2222 NPN transistor, a single P-doped layer is embedded among two N-doped layers. You can request repair, RMA, schedule. Another useful feature in SPICE tools are model creation utilities that will easily guide you through the process of building your own SPICE models and libraries. PSpice, part of the Cadence design tool suite, has been designed to be the most helpful and easy to use SPICE tools on the market today. PSpice contains over 34,000 simulation-ready. Consider the BJT in the above image, with the following characteristics: Pin1 (collector) is connected to net C; Pin2 (base) is connected to net GND; Pin3 (emitter) is connected to net E; Designator is Q1; The linked simulation model file is 2N3904.mdl.; If no values are entered for the parameters in the Sim Model dialog, the entries in the SPICE netlist would be:. For instance, when an NPN bjt is placed in a schematic, it comes in with a default name of editing the model name of 2DC2412R. This name pulls the associated default 2DC2412R model into the spice netlist. Editing the device name from 2DC2412R to 2N2222 will pull the 2N2222 model from EasyEDA's spice > <b>model</b> library into the netlist.

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