Sep 15, 2018 · Here, tailgaters in 1940s Chicago enjoy a picnic in the parking lot. Hide Caption. 2 of 12. Photos: ... Here, an accordion player entertains Penn State fans in 1999. Hide Caption. 4 of 12. Photos: .... "/>

Ezequiel Quintanilla, a well-known accordion player, and a friend were walking in the parking lot after watching a friend's band at El Buho bar when they were struck. Quintanilla was run over and. Weekly accordion news from around the world about accordions and all related bellows driven instruments in English, and news and information about accordion producers, artists, concerts, masterclasses, seminars, concerts, festivals, CD Reviews, Videos, banner advertising, advertising, publications, pictures, photos, video, Clearly he loves scamming people. 39. level 1. · 9 mo. ago. Sadly, this happens a lot. At the Target I work at, we have a reoccurring family that comes with an electric violin and “play” in the parking lot. It’s private property, so we always have to call security to ask them to leave. 47. level 2..

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