I bought the 4-14 btr scope last month. Mounted it on a CZ 455 Tacticool. What got my attention was the reticle-very similar to the Vortex 2.5-10x32 pst mil reticle I like very much. After getting it all set up, it was money well spent. Glass is clear, no chromatic fringe. Turrets are OK. Not vague but not really defined as to click. Search: Athlon zero stop. What is Athlon zero stop. Likes: 350. Shares: 175. Remember to enter our June drawing for your chance to win the Athlon Cronus BTR 1-6x24 SFP - ATSR2 SFP IR MOA Riflescope Athlon (5) Athlon Cronus 4 Athlon Cronus 20-60x86 UHD Spotting Scope; Vendor Athlon Sale price $999 I came across the current sale for the Athlon Cronus 20-60x/86mm @ $999 I came across the current sale for the <b>Athlon</b> Cronus 20-60x/86mm. Athlon Argos BTR is $280-$370ish, depending on the model. I paid $630 for my Midas Tac. View Quote. My post was supposed to just say Midas Tac. Not sure how the Argos popped in there. ... arken sh4 6 24x50 vs vortex db tactical vs athon argos btr gen2 6 24x50. Precision Rifles » 22 Rimfire Precision Rifles. Win a FREE Membership!.

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