The seller told him it was illegal to advertise online so had to go via an agency using the same name as my business, Homely Petz," Mr Anderson said. ... Dogs Centre in Abu Dhabi recently reported the case of a puppy brought in to be re-homed after it had been sold by a backyard breeder. The young dog was a stray with fur dyed to make it look. When backyard breeders take this to the extreme, these dogs end up with breathing issues and have to have surgery on their nose and soft palate. In Great Danes, careless people breed for fancy colors. Most would think this isn't something to be worried about, the colors of all things. What a lot of people don't know is there is a recessive. Many puppy mills will tell you this is not possible. Sadly, just being invited to see where the puppies live is not always enough, as some puppy mills will set up temporary backyard homes for puppies and their parents. Pay attention to the details! 2. Interact With Both The Puppies And Parents.

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