By default CubicSDR will attempt to normalize the output from all active modems; if you want to adjust the gain of one modem versus another or enhance the automatic gain performance of an amplitude modulated signal you can use the audio gain to adjust the level.CubicSDR is a cross-platform and open-source software-defined radio application. This runs on Macs, LINUX, and. Clicking a modem will make it the active modem. The active modem will appear highlighted, it will also appear red when hovering elsewhere to indicate that it’s the modem that will be affected by the next action. Hovering a modem and dragging from it’s center will change it’s frequency. Dragging the edge of a modem will change it’s .... Set the sampling rate (bandwidth) appropriately for your frequency. For FM radio, the bandwidth settings should be 96,000 (input) and 192,000 (output). Set the LO frequency and the tune frequency slightly apart (start at about 10 kHz or so and increase depending on the bandwidth of your signal of interest).

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