The only users that have access to the host folders are SYSTEM, my user name, and Administrators.. Here is an example docker -compose.yml file, relying on values provided from a .env file: version: '3' services: plex: image: linuxserver/plex environment: - env_var_name=${VARIABLE_NAME} # here it is Hint: When working with an .env file, you can .... I've tried to create a group (on the host, where the volume is located) and put both www-data and the samba user in that group and give that group write permission on the volume. But somehow only the user who is chown the volume can read, even if it's also chown to the group. Any suggestions on this? Correction; "somehow only the user who. To run the AWS CLI version 2 Docker image, use the docker run command. $ docker run --rm -it amazon/aws-cli command. This is how the command functions: docker run --rm -it amazon/aws-cli – The equivalent of the aws executable. Each time you run this command, Docker spins up a container of your downloaded amazon/aws-cli image, and executes. WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD: wordpress. volumes: db_data: This is the most popular example and is also mentioned in the official Docker-Compose documentation. Chances are you won't be deploying WordPress, but the compose file here can still serve as a quick reference for similar application stacks. 5.

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