MODEL 1886 FRENCH CRUCIFORM LEBEL BAYONET. M1886 French cruciform épée Lebel bayonet. WAS £125.00. NOW £95.00. Cards we accept. Search: Lebel Rifle Parts. E Titan 25 cal #A61393 PLUS BEST BUY AND CHEAP PRICES HERE The fore end is cut to show the magazine tube and spring The bayonet was still part of the modern battlefield and many military authorities still sided with the idea of "the longer the better" French World War I Rifles French Tulle Model 1886/93 Lebel French World War I Rifles French Tulle Model 1886/93 Lebel. INERT WW1 GERMAN ZINC FUZES X 2. HZ 14 & KZ 14 EXAMPLES. £22.00. WW1 COLLECTION OF RELIC GRENADE FRAGMENTS. £24.00. INERT WW1 ITALIAN EXCELSIOR P2 THEVENOT GRENADE HEAD. £26.00. INERT WW1 FRENCH BESOZZI GRENADE. £46.00.

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