knee pillow for side sleepers, side sleeper pillow, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Relief back pain, knee pillow for back pain. Posted 10th May 2018 by Anonymous. 0 Add a comment About Me. About Me. Unknown. Blog Archive. Blog Archive. 2018 1. May 1. knee pillow for side sleepers,. How to sleep on your side properly . Put the knee pillow in between the knees. Adjust accordingly, so your hip and knee joints are supported. Fill the gap between your neck and the pillow using a hand towel. Fold the hand towel. Place it in line with your shoulder and the neck. Put the pillow on top of the towel afterward. The Kally Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow plugs the gap between your shoulder and ear, ensuring head, neck and shoulder alignment in a snug sleeping position. The medium-density hollowfibre filling maintains its shape through the night to offer unparalleled support and long-lasting pillow plushness. The walled-side design ensures head, neck and.

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