In this video I walk you through the steps needed to setup MRTK in Unity with the Oculus Quest by using the MRTK-Quest extension provided by "Eric" below.Dow. By Mobile Rdx Last updated Jul 28, 2021. Here is the direct link for download the MRT key V5.52 latest setup new update MRT Key a Mobile Repair Tool Dongle. The New Innovation of mobile phone software repair which with permanent can unlock many devices of android mobile phone. A program specialized repair for flashing / Unlocking Meizu. Virtual and Augmented Reality together are now referred to as XR or "Extended-Reality". You're in the right place at the right time to build something amazing in XR!. MRTK-Quest is an open source project I've been working on in my spare time that provides users of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Toolkit, a complete Oculus Quest integration, that works with both hand tracking, and controllers simulating hands. Follow updates on Twitter. Download the latest integration on github. Try this yourself on SideQuest..

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