Sally Draw My Life video is the complete story of creepypasta legend Sally Williams. Sally was a sweet innocent little girl who became a monster. Sally wear. I have decided to make a Creepypasta Imagines blog and can't wait to write your wonderful asks! Creepypastas I will do: Jeff the Killer. Jane the Killer. Ben Drowned. Sally. Eyeless Jack . Masky . Hoodie. Ticci Toby. Slenderman. Splendorman. Trenderman. Offenderman. Anyone not on the list I am still willing to do but I can't say it will be. Creepypasta; Language: English Stats: Published: 2015-06-10 Words: 274 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 28 Hits: 960. Ben X Sally LizzyKitty. ... Sally blushed, clearing her mind sally gut a blanket and throw it over Ben. "sleep while brave knight" Sally said and kissed Ben's cheek when Sally left a smile crossed Ben's face.

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