Part #: 8868-VW. (Details) Valve cover gaskets. Neoprene, pair. All air cooled VW engines 1300-1600 cc. Note: These neoprene valve cover gaskets provide a better and longer lasting seal than original cork. These cover gaskets can be used with either stock or aftermarket valve covers. VW Bus/Vanagon. $6.95.. "/>

2017. 3. 29. · By Tom Carrington Overview: The clutch is responsible for taking the power produced by the engine and relaying it to the transmission, which ultimately turns the wheels. Ever since the first night I drove my 1985 Crew Cab in late 1998, ... Next Next post: Water pump replacement for 1.9l Waterboxer Vanagon. Vanagon Plastic Parts. We carry many stock replacement and hard to find plastic parts for your Vanagon. But we specialize in custom designed specialty parts! A large selection of our parts are custom replacements for parts which are no longer available (NLA) from traditional parts sources (including the factory itself)! Showing all 151 results.. Our GW 2.2 has been quite reliable though we only have a little more than 50,000 miles on it to-date. Their 2.2 is a simple plug & play into the Digijet system as it is really just a rebuilt 1.9. I do not know if the 2.3 is similar, i.e. it may be a rebuilt 2,1 Digifant necessitating other mods to your van.

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